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Texas pet trusts for our furry (or scaly) little friends

Whether you have a parrot, a cat, a dog or an iguana, you may have some very real concerns about your pet’s future and how your pet will be taken care of after you are gone. This is where pet trusts can help. Indeed, considering how much people love their pets, is not uncommon for a specially designed pet trust to be the most important part of a Texas resident’s estate plan.

At the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill, we have created numerous pet trusts to ensure the health and well-being of pets throughout the state of Texas. As such, we are highly familiar with the different issues that a pet trust needs to address to be successful. In this respect, we know exactly what questions to ask a pet owner to be certain that a particular pet trust meets all the needs of a particular pet owner.

For example, one of the biggest concerns pet owners need to keep in mind is the expense of taking car of their pets when they are gone. Indeed, no matter how well-intentioned relatives or friends happen to be, the costs associated with taking care of an animal could represent a significant financial burden. This is most certainly the case if the animal becomes ill, suffers from allergies or requires any form of complicated or expensive medical care. 

A well-funded pet trust solves the problem of putting the financial burden of caring for your pet on another person’s shoulders. By funding a pet trust with a sufficient amount of cash, for example, pet owners can provide the future caretakers of their animals with enough liquid capital to pay for unforeseen medical events, food, pet day care, grooming, special dietary needs and any other costs. Funding of the trust in this fashion will allow Texas pet owners to relax in the knowledge that there will always be enough money in their pet trusts to pay for their pets’ needs — so that their furry little friends can live the most comfortable lives possible in their absence.