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Are guardianship alternatives the right choice for your family?

Many adult children in Texas plan on helping care for their parents as they age, but most parents still wish to retain a certain level of control over their own care. This can be difficult when aging parents suffer from cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. By utilizing guardianship alternatives, we help families ensure the best possible continued care for loved ones while also respecting their individual wishes.

Guardianship can be an effective choice to make for some families, but it is not an appropriate action for everyone to take. Families who do not wish to establish guardianship over a parent can actually take preventative measures to avoid so. For instance, estate planning offers a variety of documents and tools that can protect parents’ interests, health and finances.

Powers of attorney and living wills are two popular alternatives to guardianship. A living will outlines a person’s medical care wishes — including treatments that they are comfortable with — while a health care power of attorney grants an individual the power to make those decisions on an incapacitated person’s behalf. To make matters even easier, parents can move their assets to a trust. The trustee can then take care of the financial side of care.

Guardianship alternatives can ease the pain of watching a parent slowly deteriorate over time. Without any type of plan in place, families must usually go through legal proceedings in order to establish guardianship over a parent, thus allowing them the right to make decisions on their behalf. Texas families interested in learning more about estate planning and how it can help protect their loved ones can find more information on our website.