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It’s important to remember that a will is merely one tool available to people looking to put together an estate plan. Depending on one’s specific situation, there may be other tools that should also be used to create a good plan. These other tools could include trusts and powers of attorney.

Not long ago, we discussed some of the different kinds of powers of attorney that are available to Houston residents putting together their estate plans. Each kind of power of attorney has its own purpose, and the kind chosen and the powers delegated should be customized for the principal’s estate planning situation. It is sometimes a complex task to do this and to integrate the power of attorney into the principal’s overall estate plan.

Here is where the services of an experienced estate planning attorney can be helpful. Attorney Sharon C. Stodghill has over 15 years of experience with helping Texas residents with their estate planning needs. She is board-certified in estate planning and probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She is also a certified public accountant. Whether her clients are individuals, families or businesses, she uses her skills and experience to help with achieving their estate planning goals.

Not only does Sharon Stodghill share her knowledge of estate planning law with her clients, she also helps to train other attorneys in the discipline. We are happy to discuss estate planning with potential clients in a free initial consultation. For more information on the services our firm provides, please see the estate planning page on our website.



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