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Don't wait until your divorce to review your will

Divorce often means change. You may experience a change in your finances, a change of residence, perhaps even a name change. Your routine will be different, and you may also have a new social set in which you travel. There are many aspects of your life that a divorce will touch, and your estate plan will certainly be one of them.

Have you considered how an estate plan could benefit you?

Many people may live their lives without giving much thought to when they will die. While this live-in-the-moment type of attitude may seem positive and uplifting, it may not benefit everyone to avoid thinking about their potential demises. If you die without an estate plan, your affairs and your loved ones could face complications.

Should you update your estate plan to include a living will?

You may take pride in choosing to prepare for situations that are possible, even if you do not know whether they may actually come to fruition. Feeling prepared and having a plan may allow you to feel less stress in your life, especially when those plans prevent your loved ones from finding themselves in a difficult predicament. When it comes to knowing your end-of-life wishes, you may want to ensure that your loved ones have the information they need.

Is bad information stopping you from signing a power of attorney?

As you grow older, you may find it becoming more difficult to do things for yourself. Perhaps you first noticed it in the mornings when getting out of bed and walking down the stairs took longer because your knees and ankles hurt. With each holiday or annual occasion that rolls around, you are less able to participate as you used to. Now you are beginning to wonder if you will lose the ability to manage the necessary tasks of your daily life.

What life events warrant updates to your estate plan?

After you completed your estate plan, you may have felt a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Making a plan for your end-of-life wishes can have its difficulties as you must make many decisions. Many people often choose to forgo the process because of the challenges it could present, so the fact that you finished your plan certainly acts as a sign of success.

Turning over the reins of your family business

Although you run your small business efficiently and successfully, you may never have needed to follow many of the formal management processes that a larger company relies on. Your staff probably consists mostly of members of your family, and your business may be more of an extension of that family dynamic.

What a special needs trust can do for your special needs child

If you are a parent to a special needs child, you have concerns for your child that many other parents may not understand. For instance, when it is time for you to pass on, how will your child manage any assets you leave behind for him or her? How will an inheritance of any sort affect his or her disability benefits? These are both great questions that some parents in Texas need answered.

Estate planning for business owners provides many benefits

One of your goals for starting your own business was certainly to make a lot of money for yourself. However, now that you have a family, your goals have likely changed. You may see your son or daughter taking over the company and continuing its success for many more generations. You may see your company becoming a household brand — a name everyone knows — and imagine people telling the story of the company's humble beginnings and forward-thinking founder.

You can't predict the future, but you may be able to plan for it

Life is often full of sudden and unexpected changes, and having a plan in place for each can be difficult at best. While you may not be able to predict when your time on earth will end, you might be able to prepare for what comes next by planning your estate, which may help ensure your wishes live on even after you are gone.

3 considerations for naming a guardian for your kids

The love you have for your children likely outweighs any other feeling you have in life. You may have felt an immense love for your kids from the moment they were born, and that love certainly has only grown over the course of their lives. Of course, when you love another person, a sense of worry also tends to come coupled with that joyous feeling, and you undoubtedly face many concerns for your children that numerous other parents also face.