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Late singer with major assets died without an estate plan

Texans who downplay the importance of having an estate plan might come up with various justifications for their position. They might think they do not have significant assets to make it necessary to craft a will, a trust or other estate planning device. Those with major assets could simply put it off under the mistaken belief that it is something that can wait for a later time. Regardless of the financial standing, it is important to have an estate plan that suits a person's needs. This frequently comes to the forefront when a celebrity dies and it is later found that he or she did not have a will as is the case with the late singer Aretha Franklin.

What should I know about Texas living will laws?

Texans who have concerns about the type of medical care they will receive should they become ill enough that artificial means are necessary to keep them alive will want to think about a living will. A living will is a key part of comprehensive estate planning and should not be ignored. The desire of the person is paramount with a living will. Many people do not want to be subject to medical intervention or be kept alive with artificial means. Therefore, it is important to remember important points about Texas law for living wills.

Wealthy or not, everyone can use vital estate planning documents

Texans who are without a vast portfolio and do not own significant amounts of property will often shun the basics when protecting themselves with an estate plan. There might be a perception that an estate plan is only necessary for those who own a lot. This is not the case. The reality is that people who function under the belief that they own so little that wills and other estate planning devices are unnecessary do have many items that need to be addressed by formulating at least a basic document. Still, it is important to understand what happens when there is no will or other estate planning document to serve as a guideline after death.

Combating misplaced beliefs about estate planning

Even the most vigilant Texans who make certain every area of their lives are well-organized might forget about estate planning. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but it is always a mistake. Having an estate plan that suits the individual needs is not just beneficial to loved ones; it can make certain that all the areas of one's life are covered for all eventualities, foreseen and unforeseen. With estate planning, there are several reasons that are often presented as to why people fail to take these steps. Knowing them and avoiding them is key.

If I am single and getting older, do I need an estate plan?

Not everyone in Texas has a family or friends they would like to leave their assets to after their death. These people may think that an estate plan is unnecessary. This is a fundamental mistake that should be rectified as soon as possible because even single people should have an estate plan.

What should I know about a durable power of attorney in Texas?

There are many reasons why a Texan would need to consider the importance of drafting estate planning documents. One motivation could be that they have significant assets they are concerned about. Another reason might be that they own a business that they would like to remain in the family. Some other common incentives are because the individual is thinking about how they can use their assets to benefit their heirs or are possibly worried about what will happen to them if they become ill and incapacitated. In those situations, a durable power of attorney can be useful.

Legal help to preserve assets by transferring real estate titles

The goal for a Texan who is creating an estate plan is to ensure that the assets go to the heirs that he or she wants to get them and to maintain as much of its value as possible. This can be confusing to some, especially those who might have real estate but not a significant amount of it to know all the methods to maintain maximum benefit after asset distribution.

Estate planning documents must be updated as time passes

Texas residents who create an estate plan should remember that the document is not something that should stand on its own, never to be changed. The goal in an estate plan is to prepare for the future. However, circumstances in the present can fluctuate. Updating and ensuring that all the bases are covered is a foundational aspect of drafting estate planning documents. A comprehensive document might seem intimidating with everything that should go into it, but having a list of what needs to be shored up can be beneficial.

Family disputes over will settled before going to Texas court

In Texas, one of the main reasons that family disputes occur over a loved one's estate plan is if there was illness and changes were made to the document during the latter stages of the person's life. Since it is so imperative to have an estate plan - even a basic one - those who are considering whether they need one or not should pay attention to situations in which people end up pursuing litigation over an estate because of various issues. Even when these situations are settled without going too far, it is still important to think about all aspects of estate planning with help from an experienced law firm.