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Retirement And Estate Planning Help From A CPA

At the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill, we can help you ensure that your retirement planning doesn’t have unintended consequences for your estate planning. This can be a rather bewildering topic, as it requires in-depth understanding of how Internal Revenue Service rules apply to retirement instruments like IRAs and pensions during estate planning.

Experienced Houston attorneys Sharon C. Stodghill, a Certified Public Accountant, and John T. Elliott are highly knowledgeable and intimately familiar with intricate IRS rules and regulations impacting estate taxation. They can answer your questions regarding retirement accounts and estate planning, and help you chart a course of action that addresses your unique needs.

Untangling IRS Regulations to Protect Your Heirs

Our estate planning attorneys will examine your situation and consider tax reduction techniques to ease the tax burden on your heirs. This requires a thorough examination of your beneficiaries and an understanding of how your pension and IRA will impact their inheritances and the taxes they will have to pay.

There are various factors to consider:

  • The type of retirement assets you are considering
  • Whether your beneficiary is a spouse, child or other family member
  • Whether you have more than one beneficiary
  • Whether you have named a possible secondary beneficiary, if the first is no longer alive or wishes to not receive the benefits (for example, if he or she believes another family member needs the inheritance more)
  • Limitations to stretch-out periods

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