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Ensuring Your Wishes Are Honored

If your elderly parents or a loved one with special needs seems to be unable to make decisions, handle money appropriately or otherwise care for themselves, you may want to consider seeking a guardianship. While the process can be complex, it will ultimately give you and your family the ability to make the best possible decisions for an elderly or incapacitated loved one.

Essentially, a guardianship designates another as the guardian of the estate or the guardian of the person. Usually, a guardian will be appointed by a court after a hearing is held to learn the specific facts of your particular situation. Establishing a guardianship can be a sensitive subject, and it is often challenging for clients and family members alike, and those challenges can escalate into court actions to contest the guardianship.

Serving You With Knowledge, Compassion and Respect

At the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill we have extensive experience representing clients seeking a guardianship over a loved one. We have acted both as guardians and as attorneys for guardians and can advise you and protect your rights as you navigate the legal process. In many cases, this step is necessary to protect an elderly person from being taken advantage of or from harming themselves.

Are There Alternatives to Guardianship?

Yes, and many of these alternatives can ease the process for all parties. A medical or durable power of attorney gives an individual power to make decisions for an individual without the involvement of a court. A trust is also an alternative, giving the trustee power to manage money for the beneficiary. To learn more, please see our page on alternatives to guardianship.

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