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Estate Planning: Do I Really Need It?

You may have many reasons to put off estate planning. It can be confusing and overwhelming and can make you think of your own mortality or the possibility of incapacity.

Unfortunately, avoiding the topic does not mean that you and your family won’t someday need an estate plan: It only means that when that day comes, your family will be less prepared and will have to deal with lack of clear planning as well as grief, loss and incapacity.

You can protect your family from that fate.

Helping Your Family Avoid Additional Tragedy or Loss

At the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill, we often see the tragic results of inadequate estate planning. Our lawyers are passionate in their desire to help other families avoid unnecessary heartbreak and conflict at a time when they can least afford them emotionally and financially.

Our Houston estate attorneys deal with many difficult situations that can be easily avoided by a well-designed estate plan:

  • If there is no will, your family may be put through the expense of heirship determination. Your assets will be distributed according to Texas intestacy laws, which may not be what your family needs. A will can entirely avoid this process.
  • If the terms of your will are not clear, it could end up causing problems for your family. The time after a death can be filled with confusion and grief, which can easily turn into conflict and litigation. Your heirs may end up squandering your assets in legal fees and harming the family irreparably.
  • If your will is not well-planned, many of your assets may be spent in estate taxes and probate fees. We can help you minimize both.
  • If you become incapable, your loved ones will need to know how to carry out your wishes. Ancillary estate planning documents such as powers of attorney can make your wishes clear.
  • Vulnerable members of your family may be left without support or may lose their entitlement to government assistance, without knowledgeable trust planning.
  • Business assets and other valuable property may be vulnerable to squandering if left to beneficiaries who are unable to manage them. A trust may protect both assets and beneficiaries.

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