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Transfer Residential And Commercial Titles Smoothly

Often, one of the most important assets passed on in an estate is real property. One of the most important duties during estate administration is clearing title from real property by removing the name of the deceased from the deed and transferring it to the new legal owner.

The process can be confusing and complicated and is influenced by the value of the property, whether there was a will, how it is titled and who has inherited it.

At the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill, both lawyers have experience in residential and commercial real estate law throughout Houston, and they can easily complete all of the necessary documentation of transferring real estate titles for your estate.

Clearing Title Cost-Effectively

Our Houston estate and probate attorneys can help you complete the process quickly and efficiently, finding the best and most appropriate way to transfer the title.

  • If the property has joint owners, it passes to them after an affidavit of survivorship is executed.
  • If the property was owned by survivorship, all that is needed is to register the death and it automatically passes to the survivors.
  • If the property is owned only by the deceased, a new deed must be drafted naming the new owner. This owner will be either the beneficiary who is named in the will or whoever the state has determined from an heirship proceeding if there is no will.
  • If the value of the estate is not large, we may be able to remove the deceased’s name from title through a small estate affidavit, an alternative to probate.
  • If real estate is the only asset in the estate, it may be possible to do the transfer through muniment of title, a type of probate unique to Texas, in which the court’s order itself transfers title to the intended beneficiaries.

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