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Taxes, Income And Estates: What You Should Know

Estate taxes are taxes levied on the transfer of your loved one’s assets after death. Taxes are also applied to any income generated from a trust left to you by a loved one. When we help our clients plan their estate, we help them minimize estate taxes as much as possible, so that their assets go to their heirs and not the government.

The tax laws that govern estates and trusts can be difficult to understand for many executors and beneficiaries. Most have no experience dealing with estates and little experience with taxes other than their own personal income taxes, which many of our clients find confusing enough. Not only that, but estate taxation is a very fluid part of the tax code and changes can occur annually.

When the Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill helps you administer an estate or a trust, part of our duties involve ensuring that all necessary taxes are paid and properly reported. As a Certified Public Accountant, Sharon Stodghill has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of federal and Texas tax laws as they apply to estate and trust taxation.

Answering Your Questions and Protecting You From Tax Liability

Our Houston attorneys can ensure that all taxes are properly paid so that administrators and beneficiaries are not penalized for unpaid taxes. We can also help you prepare your loved one’s final tax return if necessary. Find out how we can help you make sure you are in compliance with all necessary tax requirements, especially for issues of:

  • International properties
  • Gifts
  • Generation-skipping transfers
  • Business assets
  • Trusts

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