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June 2012 Archives

Estate planning ideas vary between generations

More than a third of wealthy baby boomers in Texas and elsewhere across the country have not discussed their finances with their children. In addition, these potential beneficiaries may not be aware that their parents may be planning to give much of their wealth to charity after their death rather than leaving it to the children. In fact, only 55 percent of baby boomers think that it is very important to leave an inheritance to their heirs at all.

Proper estate planning can ensure that wishes are followed

For some, creating an estate plan is about leaving money to their children. For others, the estate plan is focused more on funding a charity or organization that supports an important cause. Regardless of the intent of your estate planning, it is important that documents are drafted and executed that accomplish your wishes as best as is possible.

Small-business owners worry about possible estate tax change

Building and maintaining a family business -- whether large or small -- can take time, money and effort, as many in Texas know. That is why it is important for many to consider how to save the family business when they begin estate planning. One of the considerations for many as they plan is any potential estate tax and how it will affect their heirs.

Gore-Tex heirs battle it out in court over adoption

When a person creates a trust to distribute assets after their death, it is often with the intention to share their wealth with family members. In some cases, the amount of money being transferred to heirs is significant, a fact that can lead people to take creative actions to get an even larger share of a trust. In one recent case that may be of interest to readers in Texas, one of the heirs to a billion-dollar estate secretly adopted her ex-husband in an attempt to increase her children's share of the family trust.