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January 2017 Archives

The importance of estate tax planning shown in high-profile case

Texans who are considering the value and utility of moving forward with comprehensive estate planning need only look at the current news reports regarding the mistakes made by well-known people who failed to protect themselves, preserve assets, account for tax implications and detail their asset distribution in the event of death. Whether it is a wealthy person or one of more modest means, having a plan for the estate is an imperative. The case of the deceased entertainer Prince is a prime case study as to why this is paramount.

Legal assistance with complex issues related to guardianships

Houstonians who are aging and their loved ones will inevitably consider the future and how to make certain that the elderly people or those with issues that might lead to incapacitation are protected. This is particularly important if health and competence are clearly in decline. These are complex issues that require families to work together to make certain that any issue in dispute is mitigated and the person is adequately protected. This is why it is imperative to have legal help for these matters.

How does a power of attorney work in Texas?

Many Houston residents may have heard the phrase "power of attorney" used in the context of estate planning without fully understanding what the terms means and how it can help an individual or a couple prepare for their old age and, ultimately, their last illnesses and deaths.

Overview of the powers and duties of trustees

Many Houston residents and other Texans may rightly choose to create a trust as their primary estate planning vehicle and will need to have some idea of what exactly a trustee can do and is expected do in order to pick the right person for the job. Other Texas residents may know or even suddenly that they have been named as a trustee for a loved one's trust.

Resolving to plan for the future

With 2017 in full swing, many of us are working on some resolutions we want to complete this year. Some of us may have already broken a resolution or two. But it’s not too late — or too early — to start thinking about ways to make this year better than the last.

Legal help and the probate process

Probate is a scary word that anyone familiar with the process of estate planning will immediately view negatively. This is because probate can be a time-consuming and difficult process. It can also be quite expensive. As such, many people who are creating their estate plan will do everything in their power to avoid the probate process, or at least minimize the amount of time their estate spends in probate.