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May 2020 Archives

What traits should you consider in a power of attorney agent?

Putting someone in charge of your personal affairs in the event that you cannot act for yourself is an important but difficult task. Anyone could suffer a serious illness or injury that results in incapacitation, and knowing that a trustworthy and responsible person is in the position to make decisions for you could bring a great deal of peace of mind.

Avoid estate litigation by picking the right will executor

Executors have many responsibilities. Some of them include selling your property, filing lawsuits on your behalf, paying creditors, distributing assets and reviewing medical records. Not everyone is an ideal candidate to be the executor of an estate. The person has to be trustworthy, take their role seriously and also be able to act on your behalf in a legal capacity once you're gone.

What are a fiduciary's responsibilities?

There are many types of professionals that are considered to be fiduciaries, including attorneys, real estate agents or brokers, accountants, business advisers, bankers and financial advisers. Then there are others such as trustees and executors that don't necessarily have to be trained professionals like the others described above. They can be asked to assume fiduciary duties for another person. There are lots of responsibilities associated with acting as a fiduciary for someone else.