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April 2013 Archives

Estate planning in Texas includes more than wills and trusts

Readers in Texas know well that a will or trust is often included when a person decides to plan for the distribution of their estate. What they may not consider in estate planning is the additional documents and storage questions that can arise. One new article offers suggestions to ensure that a complete and detailed plan for the end of life can be created.

Splitting power of attorney in estate planning

Texas readers know that estate planning is not a cookie cutter process, just as every family is different. It is often the case in estate planning to have one sibling that might be better suited to money management than another. Instead of granting each child the exact authority, it is possible to split accordingly by using a separate power of attorney for each.

Texas trusts include tax benefits to trust beneficiaries

Many people entering into the estate planning process in Texas do so using common tools such as wills and trusts. Each of these options has benefits for beneficiaries and heirs. In some cases, however, trusts may be a better option. This is the case when a person creating an estate plan seeks to avoid some or all of the federal estate tax.

Texas readers may wish to consider living trusts

People in Texas know well that estate planning can help them achieve their goals as they relate to the distribution of assets after their death. What they may not understand is the vast array of options that they have to choose from to achieve these goals. Because there are so many choices, including trusts and wills, many find it helpful to review all applicable laws and procedures as they enter the estate planning process.

Texas estate planning includes use of many available tools

People in Texas enter into the estate planning process to achieve many different goals. These include the desire to fund any future needs for long-term care and to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes at the time of their death. The good news is that there are estate planning tools available to achieve each of these goals and more.