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January 2016 Archives

Not updating beneficiaries may lead to headaches for loved ones

When individuals in Texas think about the process of estate planning, they often focus on what to include in their wills. They also are careful about whom they choose as beneficiaries. However, many people forget how important it is to update their beneficiary information on their wills as well as on financial products, such as life insurance policies and 401(k)s.

Muniment of title is a probate option in Texas

Having to grapple with the death of a loved one in Texas is one of the most challenging things a person may experience in life. Being forced to deal with possibly complex legal issues following a person's death only makes the process even harder to cope for loved ones. People who are interested in becoming estate administrators or who are executors of wills can benefit from the help of lawyers while going through the probate process.

Trusts can help people to safeguard their assets

People in Texas and other states often focus on retirement planning and planning for their children's college while neglecting to engage in estate planning. Part of the reason for this is that people naturally prefer not to discuss matters related to death. However, by setting up estate plans, which may include creating trusts, people can determine what happens to their important assets when they die.

Various estate planning options available for families

Thinking and talking about death is understandably difficult for many people in Texas, which is why estate planning is often not on people's lists of priorities. However, it is essential that individuals, especially farmers and other small business owners, think about the future of their businesses and livelihoods for their survivors. A few tips may help people engage in effective estate planning.

Identifying beneficiaries important part of estate planning

People in Texas and other states spend a large amount of time building a home as well as providing for their families. However, estate planning is also important for making sure that one's family members get the assets intended for them when one passes. Choosing beneficiaries is an essential step in the estate planning process.