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August 2014 Archives

Are you obligated to pay debts owed by deceased relatives?

When a family member dies and it is time to administer his or her estate, most people think about the distribution of assets. However, it is also necessary to pay debts owed by the decedent. Most debts are paid out of the estate prior to distribution of the remaining assets during a Texas probate.

Estate planning for parents with special needs children

It can be nerve-wracking for parents to send their adult children out into the world to fend for themselves. However, when parents have special needs children, sometimes they never let them go in this fashion because the children are unable to live independently on their own. Texas parents whose children are either developmentally or intellectually disabled may have some very unique estate planning challenges that need to be addressed.

Robin Williams' beneficiaries will benefit from his planning

As Texas residents and the rest of the nation come to grips with the unfortunate death of Robin Williams, many are left with numerous questions that will be impossible to answer. However, in terms of the way Williams organized his estate for his beneficiaries, we can admire his foresight. Indeed, it seems that wealthy individuals around the country could have something to learn from him.

Important estate planning steps for Texas residents

Unfortunately, death is one of the few certainties in life. For that reason, wise Texas residents will get their estate plans in order as early as possible. By getting one's estate planning completed now as opposed to later, if an unexpected death occurs, family members will have a much easier time resolving one’s finances and inheriting one’s estate.

Sibling arguments can make handling probate litigation stressful

Losing a loved one is often stressful enough without having to tend to their final affairs. Even though death often brings families together, closing out the final estate of the dearly departed can create a lot of tension among beneficiaries. Siblings, in particular, may be more apt to contest a parent's will or trust, especially if they feel they have haven't been treated fairly or were given an unequal inheritance. Handling probate litigation can certainly be a difficult experience for Texas residents. At an already emotional charged time, siblings arguing over inheritance can simply add fuel to the fire.