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October 2012 Archives

Estate plan can help families and beneficiaries in Texas

Generation Z kids in Texas and across the nation often expect that their parents will leave them money after they die. This comes despite the fact that many of the parents of those same kids ages 13-22 expect that their beneficiaries will not inherit great wealth. This may be due to the fact that many parents are now more concerned than ever about their finances and the need to expend larger amounts of money as they age.

Estate planning in Texas can include wills and trusts

Planning an estate in Texas involves making use of many available tools. Most commonly, people in our state use wills and trusts to make their wishes as to estate division known after their death. Using these types of estate planning tools, an individual can work to ensure that their beneficiaries are taken care of after they die.

Texas estate planning benefits from carefully planned will

The reasons that people in Texas might avoid the estate planning process are understandable. Fear of death, denial and lack of knowledge about the estate planning process are just a few of these reasons. However, at least one authority notes, there is never a bad time for a person to begin an estate plan or to create a will.

Texas heirs of estate planning may benefit from discussion

It is not only the person who seeks to create an estate plan in Texas who has expectations about the distribution of their assets after their death. In many instances, the potential heirs and beneficiaries also have expectations as to the possible inheritances in estate planning documents. When those individuals find that they have been left out of an estate plan, emotions can run high.