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May 2015 Archives

Texas law includes various types of probate

In Texas, if a person dies without having a documented will, the court steps in to oversee the distribution of his or her assets and administration of estate. This is known as the probate process, and depending upon the circumstances, it can be quite complicated. Texas residents who are mourning the loss of a loved one and are concerned about a complicated probate may want to seek the advice of a competent legal professional in the area.

Estate planning process features a few essential steps

People in Texas realize the importance of preparing for the future, such as investing for retirement purposes, but they are often not as excited about engaging in estate planning. After all, estate planning requires both time and effort, and people naturally prefer not to discuss the topic of death. The process can be more manageable, however, if ones breaks up the process into individual tasks.

During estate planning, do not forget digital assets

Many Texas residents are astounded at the manner in which technology has changed our daily lives. The Internet in particular has had an enormous level of impact on the manner in which we communicate, share and store information. For those who are considering their estate planning needs, it is important to understand that technology has created an entirely new form of assets which need to be addressed.

Avoiding the probate process with a charitable remainder trust

There are a lot of benefits to getting your estate planning completed now before it is too late. Most of them are for your beneficiaries and relatives, but you will also reap the benefit of peace of mind -- knowing that everything related to your estate will be far easier on your loved ones after you're gone. One of these important benefits relates to the probate process and how a well-planned estate can render Texas probate proceedings unnecessary for heirs. 

Collectibles often an overlooked area of property distribution

Most people in Texas are likely aware of the importance of estate planning. While many know to whom they are going to give their money or real estate, they may be unsure about the future of a collection -- a collection that they may have spent a great deal of time, money and effort collecting. However, collectibles are also a part of property distribution, and putting some time and thought into the future of a collection may be wise.