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May 2013 Archives

Jackson estate administration at issue in new case

Michael Jackson is a name that is likely familiar to our readers in Texas. The singer gained fame as a child star and continued his career until his death in 2009. Now, the estate administration of his probate case is at issue and may lead to an additional creditor being included if one individual gets his way.

Texas estate planning important at every age

This time of year is exciting for those graduating from high school and college. The future looks bright and they are looking forward to finding of how their careers will grow and their lives will change. What they may not be considering, one recent report that may be of interest to those of us in Texas says, is estate planning.

Proper estate planning can make it easier for beneficiaries

In Texas, those that enter into the estate planning process most often use the popular tools of a trust or a will. In the case of a trust, the assets left to beneficiaries can be distributed at various times or all at once. For a will, an estate must go through the probate process.

Texas estate planning can help to limit probate disputes

It may come as a surprise to some in Texas to learn that the probate process was among the issues recently considered by the highest court in the nation. At issue before the U.S. Supreme Court was the ability of a trust beneficiary to assert a claim against the trustees in federal court rather than in state court. The matter centered on the estate planning tools used by the parents who had originally created the plan.