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January 2020 Archives

How long will probate last?

The death of a loved one often brings with it many questions. If your loved one left a well-prepared estate, you may have fewer questions than many. However, someone who died intestate, meaning without a will, may leave behind confusion and disagreements.

Anyone can make one of these common estate planning mistakes

You create an estate plan with the idea that it will be 100 percent perfect. And while this may be your intention, there is no guarantee of it happening. It's easy to make mistakes along the way, especially if you don't seek the appropriate assistance.

How estates are valued

When someone passes away, for legal purposes, all their property is considered to be their estate. The estate is made up of assets such as: homes and other real property; checking and saving accounts; stocks and other investments; retirement accounts; vehicles; collectables and many other types of assets.

Are you putting off making your estate plan?

While dreaming about the possibilities the future holds is an enjoyable pastime, there are not many people who enjoy thinking about the end of their lives. This may include considering such possibilities as a lengthy illness, the loss of your mental faculties and leaving your loved ones behind. Because it is difficult to dwell on such things, it is understandable that most people would put off their estate planning.

The importance of funding a living trust

There are different ways that people in Texas can leave their property to their loved ones after they pass away. One is by simply allowing their property to pass according to the intestate laws. However, people can also dictate where their property goes by drafting a will or a trust. Both allow people to specifically state who receives their property, but trusts have the added benefits of keeping people's estates from going through probate.