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September 2019 Archives

The formalities of a valid will in Texas

Most of us understand the importance of having a valid will, but very few understand the requirements upon which a will's validity depends. A will must satisfy two kinds of criteria to be valid. First, the will must satisfy the formal requirements of execution and being witnessed. Second, a will must satisfy the requirements relating to the testator's state of mind at the time that the will is signed.

Living together has legal risks as a couple ages

More and more Texas couples are choosing to live together without getting married, especially if one or both partners are over the age of 50. This choice has many reasons, but according to several studies, the most prevalent reason is the memory of a difficult divorce and a wish to avoid repeating this experience. Living together has an appeal for many people who want to emphasize the emotional connection and avoid the restrictive formalities of marriage. However, living together has a number of legal risks that should be explored before beginning co-habitation.

Decanting a trust in Texas

Many residents of Houston understand the meaning of "decanting" when the subject is fine wine. Decanting involves pouring a wine that has sufficiently aged into a bottle that allows the wine's sediment to separate from the wine. Decanting also adds oxygen to the aged wine to improve its flavor. The same word -- decanting -- is now being used to describe a technique for managing the assets in irrevocable trusts.

What should you consider when considering guardian candidates?

Although no parent likes the idea of not being around or being able to care for his or her children, it is a real possibility. You may never want to consider a time when a sudden accident, illness or other event takes you out of your child's life, but it could happen to you or anyone. As a result, you undoubtedly want to prepare as best as possible.