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December 2014 Archives

Prevent beneficiaries from fighting over second homes

It is not uncommon for Texas retirees to own a second home or vacation cabin where they spend part of the year. Even if they do not visit the family cabin very often, it may be that their sons or daughters enjoy the space with their own families at different times of the year. Second homes like this could become a source of discord among beneficiaries after death, so it is important for Texas residents to make arrangements for multiple properties in their estate plans.

Determining guardianship alternatives in Texas

One of the most emotionally painful things for any Texas son or daughter to experience is to witness his or her parent lose the ability to think clearly. The fact is, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, strokes and other mentally incapacitating conditions happen to a lot of parents as they get older. The most common way that children navigate these issues involves taking control of their parents' estates by obtaining guardianship over their affairs; however, guardianship alternatives can also be chosen.

The vital parts of good Texas estate planning

While it is true that Texas residents may complete the estate planning process for their relatives, it is also true that they are getting something out of it as well. Indeed, knowing that an estate plan is going to help loved ones avoid estate taxes and knowing that one's estate will be distributed the way one wants can provide peace of mind. What, then, are the vital elements of great estate planning?

Beneficiaries will benefit from Texas probate assistance

The average Texas resident has never had to administer an estate that was in probate. Therefore, if you have been presented with the dilemma of administering an estate, it is probably the first time that you have ever had to navigate the court system in this regard. The Law Office of Sharon C. Stodghill is available to assist you with this process and help your probate proceedings flow as smoothly as possible for you and any other beneficiaries who are set to benefit from your loved one's estate.

Getting help with probate in Texas

A lot of Texas residents may become overwhelmed during probate proceedings. That is because they are already dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one, which is hard enough to bear, and now they have to try and navigate the complexities of probate proceedings. Unfortunately, probate is not something that can be circumvented in cases where it is deemed necessary by the court.