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November 2015 Archives

Estate planning is a multi-faceted process

People in Texas may assume that only those who are extremely wealthy really need estate plans. After all, a person who is single can have assets totaling more than $5 million before concern exists about paying federal estate taxes. However, estate planning is not just for the 1 percent -- it is critical for people at all income levels.

Estate planning essential for married couples with kids

Creating a will may not be the most joyous of activities, but it is an important one for individuals who wish to protect their assets in Texas. Estate planning is of particular importance for married couples. A few tips may help married individuals to navigate the complexities of modern estate planning.

Estate planning helps to protect one's assets and wishes

People in Texas may naturally assume that estate plans are only relevant for those who are older. However, an estate plan is critical at any age. Estate planning is also important no matter one's income level for protecting one's assets and wishes in a variety of areas.

Trusts may help to protect one's wishes regarding assets

One concern of many Texas residents is how their values can be passed on to their kids and grandkids after their death. Likewise, individuals may be concerned about being able to pass their assets on to their loved ones. Trusts are helpful vehicles for ensuring that one's inheritance goes to the people intended to receive it.