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July 2013 Archives

Beneficiaries of estate in Texas identify with Gandolfini estate?

Readers in Texas have likely heard the name of actor, James Gandolfini. He came to fame as the star of television show, The Sopranos and when on to a successful career in film. Unfortunately, Gandolfini passed away recently while on vacation in a foreign land. This has led to questions from his heirs and beneficiaries regarding the estate planning documents that he left behind.

Texas estate planning good for beneficiaries and heirs

Wills and trust are commonly used by those who begin the estate planning process in Texas. In fact, these tools alone can be customized to fit the needs of people in our state. This benefits not only those who are seeking to create an estate plan, but also those heirs and beneficiaries left behind

Texas estate planning can offer a chance to give assets to heirs

Those who are seeking to plan for the distribution of their assets after they die in Texas know that there are many options to choose from. In the estate planning process, some in our state use tools that allow for distribution of wealth to heirs or charities. Others create trusts designed to pay an amount of money to beneficiaries for many years.

Texas estate planning can alleviate stress for all involved

Creating an estate plan is important to people in Texas and elsewhere. In fact, it may surprise some to hear that as many as 120 million people across the land have not completed the estate planning process. This leaves many heirs without clear instructions as to how to distribute assets when their loved ones die.

Texas estate planning important to those left behind

People in Texas know that they should consider how their assets will be distributed in the event of their death. In fact, because of this concern, some have begun estate planning in an attempt to direct just who will receive assets when they die and how they will be paid. This is why, one recent report notes, it is important to complete a periodic review of an estate plan.