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September 2012 Archives

Probate litigation in Texas can include questioning executors

In Texas, and elsewhere, an executor of a will can be removed if they fail to comply with their fiduciary duties. When a beneficiary believes that the executor should be removed, they can seek that action by petitioning the court. Often, this is done during probate litigation.

Texas families search for guardianship alternatives

As a person ages, it can be difficult for their family to determine what, if any, actions should be taken to assist them with their daily needs. This is especially true if an elderly person begins to show signs of dementia or other age-related diseases. Some in the field of elder care refer to the earliest stages of dementia as "the grey zone." In such cases, families in Texas sometimes turn to guardianship alternatives such as a power of attorney.

Michael Jackson's estate remains in estate administration

Many readers in Texas will recall that superstar singer Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, leaving three children behind. Though his death was three years ago, his assets are still being subjected to the estate administration process. This is due mostly to the fact that the estate was quite large and subject to many debts, lawsuits and other challenges.

Estate planning is not just for old, wealthy Texans

For many individuals who are either young or perhaps believe they do not have enough assets, drafting a will is not on the top of their priority list. However, despite the desire to delay such estate planning, it may be in many Texas residents' best interests to prepare one, as this document can protect more than just the division of monetary assets. In fact, a little careful planning could avoid a lot of issues down the road.