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October 2019 Archives

Review of advance medical directives in Texas

A previous post on this blog talked about how some Texas residents may choose to execute what is often referred to as a health care proxy but may also be referred to as a medical power of attorney. To review, the health care proxy is a document a Houston resident can give their loved one or another trusted individual which gives them the power to make medical decisions, even if those decisions are a matter of life or death.

Review of the prudent investor rule

This blog has previously discussed a trustee's duty to the beneficiaries of a trust. Among other things, a trustee must refrain from self-dealing or conflicts of interest, must manage the trust according to the legal requirements and must act in the best interests of the trust.

Just welcomed a child? Consider your estate plan

Congratulations on your new child! As a new parent, you may still be trying to find your footing on how to balance all of the needs of your baby, your spouse and yourself. Though starting a family can be one of the most joyous times in your life, it can also bring about stress for various reasons.

Tragic death of parents leaves an estate in turmoil

A few months ago, the lives of a wealthy businessman and his wife of almost 60 years ended tragically when the man killed both his wife and himself. Now, probate litigation is threatening to prolong these tragic circumstances for months or even years.