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June 2017 Archives

Estate planning and shielding heirs from themselves

Texans who are estate planning will have much to consider. One of the most common concerns for these individuals when planning distribution of assets to heirs is how to make certain that the heirs are not going to misuse what might be more assets than they have ever had before. Understanding various strategies to avoid this type of issue coming to pass is vital to a coherent and well-crafted estate plan that goes the way the testator wants it to go.

Famed disc jockey's daughter moves forward with will contest

Families in Texas and across the U.S. can be afflicted with the problems that come with heirs disagreeing over a loved one's will. This is especially true when it was someone who was wealthy or prominent and there are multiple people who might have an interest in the property and assets that are part of the estate. A will contest, a court battle between heirs, challenging a will and any other type of dispute related to the testator's apparent wishes can be messy and difficult, but sometimes probate litigation is necessary. Whether it is protecting one's interests when other people are trying to contest a will or contesting the will oneself, legal help is vital.

3 considerations for naming a guardian for your kids

The love you have for your children likely outweighs any other feeling you have in life. You may have felt an immense love for your kids from the moment they were born, and that love certainly has only grown over the course of their lives. Of course, when you love another person, a sense of worry also tends to come coupled with that joyous feeling, and you undoubtedly face many concerns for your children that numerous other parents also face.

Estate planning tips for working couples without children

Texas is generally believed to be a family-oriented state and most estate plan strategies will be tailored to that fact. However, in today's world, there are an increasing number who choose not to have families even if there are two spouses who work. These people are known by the acronym of DINKs. This stands for dual income, no kids. For those who are choosing this lifestyle, there are still foundational necessities with an estate plan. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration, especially to cater to this demographic.

What estate plan strategies are useful without kids or heirs?

Not every Texan who is preparing an estate plan has children, a spouse, or other close relatives to whom they would like to leave their assets after they have passed. This is not an infrequent occurrence and there are certain strategies that can be used in such a situation. If the estate is substantial, the testator will need to take certain factors into consideration when deciding how to proceed. It is not just a matter of not having children. Many of these individuals do not have a person they trust to name as the executor if they become incapacitated.