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August 2015 Archives

Guardianship alternatives can help with caring for loved one

It can understandably be difficult to watch an older loved one lose his or her ability to soundly make decisions. However, you can take certain steps to protect these types of individuals. A guardianship is one option for taking care of an older relative in Texas, but there are a few guardianship alternatives that are just as effective yet less expensive. An attorney can help you to choose the best option for caring for a loved one.

Different probate options available in Texas

Dealing with a family member's death in Texas is naturally stressful, but simultaneously dealing with the complex legal process involving his or her assets can make the experience even more overwhelming. This is especially the case if the person left behind a large number of assets or had high-value assets. If you are a will executor or wish to become an estate's administrator, a qualified attorney can guide you through the probate process.

Electronic assets important part of estate planning

Putting together a will or trust can be a complex process, particularly for those with a large number of assets. However, the rapid development of technology may make the estate planning process even more complicated. A few tips may help people in Texas to protect not only their traditional assets but also their electronic ones in today's digital age.

Estate planning valuable for multiple reasons in Texas

People in Texas typically avoid the topic of estate planning simply because it is associated with death -- something they may prefer not to discuss. However, estate planning plays a major role in getting one's family all on one page when dealing with key issues. Estate plans are essential for a few core reasons.