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March 2020 Archives

The difficult decision to disinherit a child

There is no predicting how family relationships will turn out as children grow into adults and find their own ways. You may be living proof of this if your adult children are living lives that are very different from what you had hoped and planned for them. Perhaps you even have one child whose life choices are so far removed from yours that you have made an intentional decision to disinherit the child from your estate.

What happens if a beneficiary dies during the probate process?

If you've been appointed as the executor of someone's estate, then you've likely already been advised by the testator, their attorney or a judge just how long it can take to adjudicate a case. The probate process can take anywhere from weeks to years to see it through here in Houston. You have a lot of responsibilities to take care of as a Texas executor. If the testator's will is contested or a beneficiary dies, then this can extend out how long things take.

Do you believe these estate planning myths?

There is no denying the fact that there is a lot of gray areas associated with estate planning. Even if you have a good working knowledge of estate planning, your legal rights and federal and state laws, you could still make a mistake that costs you and/or your family.