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March 2016 Archives

Estate planning essential for estates of all sizes

Estate planning is not usually high up on anyone's "to-do" list. After all, Texans naturally prefer to live in the moment and enjoy life rather than talk about death and illness. Nevertheless, estate planning is essential for making sure that one's wishes are met in the event of an unexpected incapacitation or death.

Dependent administration one type of estate administration

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. However, the process can be legally challenging and complicated as well. The assistance of an attorney can help people in Texas who are executors of wills or those who desire to become administrators of estates to successfully navigate the estate administration process, which may include that of dependent administration.

Trusts for pets growing in popularity

The trust is one of the most useful legal inventions to arrive on the scene in the past thousand years. Trusts essentially allow people to control their assets after they have died. This is done by giving property or money to trustees and then telling the trustees exactly what to do with these assets in written documents that can be enforced in court. Trusts in Texas serve a wide range of functions, but they are gaining popularity in the area of post-mortem care for pets.

Aging parents important consideration in estate planning

Estate planning basics have not changed in recent times. However, three major elements of estate planning that have emerged in recent years in Texas and other states are making the process a growing necessity. These elements -- aging parents, digital assets and pets -- can be addressed in a last will and testament or in a revocable trust.

Estate planning also important for single people

Many single people in Texas may feel as though they do not need estate plans since they do not have families of their own. However, estate planning is essential for both married and single individuals. In fact, it is almost even more important for single people than for those who are married.