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December 2013 Archives

Texas estate planning often includes a will

There are several steps that people in Texas should consider taking before entering into the process for planning their estate. These often include completing a document that details all of the available assets and desires for their distribution. This information can make it easier for a person in our state to choose which of the vast array of options available in estate planning would work best for them.

Texas estate planning can benefit from beneficiary review

Residents of Texas may be aware that, as the year comes to an end, it can be a good time to consider a review of an existing estate plan. In addition, those who have made directives as to the beneficiaries of their assets may wish to review those designations. This is just one of the many reviews recommended to be completed annually by people here in our state and across the nation who have begun estate planning.

Estate planning in Texas includes long-term care for many

The use of insurance policies for long-term health care is falling in Texas and elsewhere, a recent report notes. In fact, only a handful of companies have continued to sell such policies. Now, people in our state and elsewhere are considering how to plan for their long-term care needs as a part of their estate planning effort.

Beneficiaries of King estate to benefit from protection of image

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a name that is familiar to our readers in Texas. The civil rights leader died after being shot by an assassin in 1968. Now, his estate is embroiled in a lawsuit over preserving the ownership of his image for his heirs and beneficiaries.