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June 2013 Archives

Texas estate planning includes choices such as wills and trusts

Some in Texas know that there are many options available to those who wish to plan for their eventual death. These options include the common tools such as a will or trust. Each of these estate planning tools has benefits that can be helpful to a person.

Texas estate planning similar to what is needed by celebs

Readers in Texas have heard many times that estate planning is important. It is well known that by creating a plan that is complete and reviewed periodically, issues such as uncertainty or battles over assets are less likely to occur after a person dies. What many are not aware of is that celebrities also have estate planning concerns, just like those of us without fame and fortune.

Texas estate planning may help keep assets private

Readers in Texas have likely heard over the past few months that the estate tax exemption has been permanently raised to a level of $5.25 million. This, some may believe, leaves them little need for estate planning due to the size of their estate. This is not the case, at least according to one recent report that may be of interest to our readers.