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August 2013 Archives

Texas estate planning can benefit from asset review

Readers in Texas know that there are many reasons to enter into the estate planning process. Commonly, people consider estate planning first because they have specific assets that they wish to leave an heir or to avoid some estate taxes. However, other reasons include naming a guardian for minor children, appointing executors or power of attorney holders and creating healthcare directives.

Texas estate planning important for many reasons

In Texas, people know that there are many good reasons to consider making an estate plan. Some, however, may be concerned about the cost or time it takes to enter not estate planning. Others are concerned about the morbidity of discussing such issues

Texas estate planning often includes probate avoidance

Readers in Texas may be interested to learn about the difference between the estate tax and probate. This is important to many who are seeking to begin the estate planning process. Both taxes and probate are among the reasons that many seek to create a plan that details how their assets will be distributed to their heirs and beneficiaries when they die.

Texas estate planning can include unique clauses

Cash, property and investments are just a few of the items that people in Texas leave behind when they die. Most of these are included by individuals in their estate planning documents. Such documents are intended to allow people to direct how they want their assets to be distributed after their death and to have specific bequests made.