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May 2014 Archives

Digital assets and Texas beneficiaries

Texas residents may want to consider updating their estate plans with information pertaining to their digital assets. In the internet age, where people maintain vast amounts of information on the web, it can be very helpful to heirs and beneficiaries if preparations are made beforehand that include information pertaining to these assets in wills and other estate paperwork. Indeed, what seems like a small thing now can eliminate a great deal of frustration for our loved ones in the future.

Digital assets shouldn't be overlooked in Texas estate planning

We have previously written on the importance of digital assets in estate planning ("Texas estate planning should include digital life," June 12, 2013). With digital media such a norm these days, this is still a crucial step in the estate planning process. This is true regardless of the extent of one's digital assets.

Estate planning tips for keeping the peace among beneficiaries

One of the primary benefits of estate planning is the peace of mind that one's family members will be less likely to fight over their inheritances after one passes. Since many Texas residents enter the estate planning process for this express purpose, it may be useful to devote a blog post on the topic. Indeed, there are several important issues that can be addressed when trying to preserve the future peace and continuity of one's beneficiaries through estate planning.

Important estate planning questions for Houston residents to ask

For an experienced estate planning professional, many of the questions one must ask regarding the estate planning process come second nature. Nevertheless, the average Houston resident may be at a loss for the kind of estate planning questions he or she needs answers to. Indeed, some of these questions are vital to ensuring that one's will is followed to the letter after one's death.

Avoiding family feuds among beneficiaries through estate planning

One of the most important benefits of having a well-organized estate plan is have the peace of mind that comes from knowing one's relatives will not be fighting over their inheritance. In cases where property and the beneficiaries of that property are not clearly defined in estate paperwork, families can be ripped apart following one's death. For example, is it possible to divide a painting without selling it?