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September 2013 Archives

Texas estate planning need not work to avoid probate

Readers in Texas may be interested to learn about a recent article that considered the estate planning process in Texas. The article dealt with probate and noted that in our state, the process can be completed in relatively quick order. This is a surprise to many here that thought that if they allowed their assets to pass by will that they created while estate planning, their heirs would be subject to long waits due to the court process.

Texas estate planning can work for living and those left behind

Readers in Texas know well that estate planning is an important process, both to the person making the plan and to those left behind. What the may not have considered is that there are many more aspects to estate planning then just creating a simple will. This is the case for individuals, regardless of their age or the size of their estate.

Texas estate planning includes options for each situation

Readers in Texas know that they should begin to plan for their eventual demise. This effort is important as it helps those left behind know how the deceased individual wanted their assets to be distributed between heirs. However, some may be confused as to which estate planning documents should be included in a comprehensive plan.

Probate litigation of farmer estate of interest in Texas

As people in Texas age, they sometimes find that they are with individuals that they had not been in earlier years. This can lead to changes in estate planning documents such as wills and powers of attorney. In addition, in some cases, these changes can lead to probate litigation matters between potential heirs when the person dies.