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November 2016 Archives

Estate planning does not have to be complicated

As people prepare for the busy holidays, creating a will may be one of the farthest things from their minds. However, estate planning is a wise thing to do toward the end of the year. A couple of tips might help individuals in Texas to embark on this process confidently.

Estate planning 101: is an irrevocable trust right for you?

When most people hear the term "estate planning," they automatically think of a will. For people of modest means with few assets to pass along, few heirs to leave them to or few restrictions on how funds are spent afterwards, a will and testament may be all they need to accomplish their estate planning goals.

Estate planning mistakes, including having no will, can be costly

People at all income levels can benefit from having detailed estate plans. The reality, however, is that many people -- even wealthy celebrities -- make critical estate planning mistakes. A couple of tips may help individuals in Texas to make wise choices when it comes to preparing for the future in the event of their deaths.

Broad picture is wise to take in estate planning

A lot of discussions about creating a plan for one's estate concentrate on discrete strategies. However, it is wise to take a step back occasionally to examine the big picture of estate planning. A few tips may help people to successfully navigate this process in Texas.