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April 2018 Archives

How can it be shown that an attested will is a valid will?

Probate in Texas can be a complex matter and the type of will that the testator had is a major part of that. A legal dispute regarding a will's validity can hinder the attempts to move forward with the probate process. It can also lead to the challenging of a will and estate litigation. Understanding the circumstances under which certain wills can be deemed valid and how this can be done may require legal help from an experienced probate attorney.

Legal dispute over Prince's estate continues

Texas residents who are unsure as to whether they even need an estate plan should bear in mind public disagreements over estates of people who have died, especially those who had significant portfolios and can continue making money after they have died. While the last thing that heirs want to think about after a loved one has died is a legal dispute and ongoing court battle, it is imperative to consider the implications of the failure to have a comprehensive estate plan. This is true for a prospective testator who is unsure of the value of a valid will and for those who are embroiled in a dispute after the person has died. Having legal assistance with probate litigation is vital regardless of the situation.

Probate issues, applications and necessary information in Texas

When a loved one dies in Texas, handling estate complexities can be an arduous task. Probate issues are part of that. Since a will does not go into effect until it has gone through probate, this is not to be ignored. Once the will has been admitted into probate, it will go into effect. Knowing important factors in probate, such as who can apply for probate and what information must be provided for the probate to move forward, are foundational and should be understood from the start.

Don't wait until your divorce to review your will

Divorce often means change. You may experience a change in your finances, a change of residence, perhaps even a name change. Your routine will be different, and you may also have a new social set in which you travel. There are many aspects of your life that a divorce will touch, and your estate plan will certainly be one of them.

Protecting beneficiaries from taxes may require legal help

For Texas residents who are moving forward with estate planning and are seeking to ensure that their heirs and beneficiaries are cared for after their death, taxes should be considered when preparing for the future. This is true whether the estate is one of significant value, one of moderate value or one with limited assets. Given the fluid nature of the law under the current U.S. government and the uncertainty therein, it becomes even more critical to have a law firm that is experienced in preventing the tax-based depletion of an estate.