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March 2013 Archives

Texas estate planning can be customized to fit many needs

When a family member dies in Texas, there can be many issues that those left behind face. Some come from the emotional loss of the death of a loved one. Others, however, need to consider the details of distribution of an estate. In families where an individual has completed the estate planning process, facing these issues can be made easier.

Texas estate planning could be affected by sequester

As many readers in Texas know, the sequester is the latest attempt in the nation's capital to make our leaders agree on how to reduce spending and pay for federal debts. This is the second such action this year, having had the fiscal cliff at the new year. Now, some are watching to see how the laws affecting estate planning are changed as the negotiations continue.

Texas estate planning like that of Crawleys and Ewings

People in Texas are used to hearing about families, both fictional and real, with large and valuable estates. In fact, one of the most popular television shows of the 1980s portrayed the lives of a local family. Now another family is making ratings, the Crawleys, fictional stars of series Downton Abbey. In fact, one authority suggests that estate planning lessons can be learned from the show.

Estate planning documents and Texas beneficiaries

Planning to whom to leave their assets is one of the most common reasons that people in Texas decide to begin the estate planning process. This effort typically includes naming specific beneficiaries in estate planning documents. In fact, these documents can be used to ensure that the wishes of the person creating the plan as to asset distribution are fully honored.