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September 2016 Archives

Trusts valuable in certain situations

When people in Texas engage in financial planning, naturally their main focus is on creating secure futures for themselves. However, with estate planning, the focus is different. With trusts, in particular, the goal is to benefit charities and surviving loved ones in the event of one's death.

Beneficiaries an important area of focus during estate planning

Many people in Texas work hard to give their families the best lives possible. However, they often fail to create detailed plans for passing their assets to their heirs following their deaths. A couple of tips may help them engage in proper estate planning, including the identification of beneficiaries.

Power of attorney important estate planning document

Children who are 18 or older are legally viewed as adults in Texas and other states, which means their parents do not have the same rights regarding their children that they used to have. This can pose challenges for the parents, especially when it comes to the children's finances. However, estate planning might help parents of young adult children remain involved in their children's financial lives, whether they have entered the workforce or are attending college.

Estate planning important for domestic partners

The most recent U.S. census, which includes Texas, indicates that just 26 percent of households in America are comprised of married couples with children. Unmarried couples have unique monetary needs, which means they also have unique estate planning needs. A few tips may help these individuals to create estate plans that effectively address the issues pertinent to them.