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October 2015 Archives

Estate planning may be complex for those married more than once

Estate planning can be a complicated process both financially and emotionally, as people often like to avoid talking about the possibility of death. However, the estate planning process can be even more involved for those who have been married more than once. People in Texas may wonder how they will provide for all of the people they love and how they should arrange for their wealth to be transferred without hurting certain heirs' feelings.

Estate planning important even for those lacking children

Coming up with an estate plan is a process that ideally begins earlier than many people in Texas may think. Some individuals believe that since they do not have any obvious heirs, such as kids, they do not necessarily need to complete estate planning. However, creating an estate plan is necessary in order to document a person's wishes and ensure that these wishes are granted in the event something happens to him or her.

Identifying beneficiaries often overlooked during estate planning

People in Texas sometimes avoid estate planning because they prefer not to bring up the topic of death. Still, an estate plan plays an essential role in the distribution of a person's assets in the event of his or her passing. Identifying beneficiaries is a critical part of the estate planning process.

Alternatives to probate process may help to save time, money

Dealing with the death of a loved one is naturally difficult in Texas, but having to simultaneously deal with the probate process may make the ordeal even more trying. Some people's deceased loves ones have defined estate plans, but for others, their deceased loved ones have provided little direction regarding whether or not the process of probate is truly the best option for distributing their assets. An attorney can help people to determine if they should use the probate process or an alternative to probate.

Different types of wills can help you to achieve your goals

A will that is properly drafted in Texas is extremely important to both you and your loved ones. After all, your will just might be the last message your loved ones will get from you. There are different types of wills available that can suit your needs whether your estate is simple and small or complex and large.