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Texas estate planning can be customized to fit many needs

When a family member dies in Texas, there can be many issues that those left behind face. Some come from the emotional loss of the death of a loved one. Others, however, need to consider the details of distribution of an estate. In families where an individual has completed the estate planning process, facing these issues can be made easier.

Estate planning tools can be used in Texas to detail the wishes of an individual as to the distribution of their assets. Wills and trusts are commonly enlisted to express these wishes. In such documents, people can list specific bequests, leave care and maintenance trusts and other asset distribution options.

In addition to wills and trusts, many people in our state find it comforting to create estate planning documents such as a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive. These documents can offer information as to the desire for end of life care of an individual. These are important when a person is still alive but no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

There are many options for those considering estate planning in Texas. The good news is that many, if not all, of the estate planning tools available can be modified to fit an individual’s needs. To determine the best way to plan for their estate, a person may benefit from a careful review of all applicable laws and developing an understanding of their uses. This will ensure that not only end of life decisions are considered but also that heirs have a clear understanding of the wishes of the person creating the estate plan.

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