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Estate planning in Texas includes more than wills and trusts

Readers in Texas know well that a will or trust is often included when a person decides to plan for the distribution of their estate. What they may not consider in estate planning is the additional documents and storage questions that can arise. One new article offers suggestions to ensure that a complete and detailed plan for the end of life can be created.

Among the considerations for those of us in Texas who are seeking to begin estate planning is the digital portion of our estate. Many people have a wide array of accounts that require passwords and may contain valuable assets that exist in the virtual world. As a part of the estate plan, people may wish to consider creating a document that details such accounts, along with passwords.

Others may find it helpful to the executor of their estate to list specific bequests in a separate document or to detail the desires of an individual as to organ donation or burial options. Such information should be safely stored in a safe deposit box at a bank. In addition, it may be beneficial to have the potential executor, a relative or family member have access to the safe deposit box containing estate planning documents.

Estate planning requires the consideration of many issues. Not only does one need to plan for the distribution of their assets after their death, but also end of life care decisions. To achieve all of these goals, many find it helpful to complete a review of all available options. This will allow folks to customize estate planning documents to fit their specific needs and wishes.

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