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Jackson estate administration at issue in new case

Michael Jackson is a name that is likely familiar to our readers in Texas. The singer gained fame as a child star and continued his career until his death in 2009. Now, the estate administration of his probate case is at issue and may lead to an additional creditor being included if one individual gets his way.

A man, who worked with Jackson as a dancer in his music videos in the early 1990s, is seeking to make a claim against the Jackson estate. At the time that they worked together, the man was a child dance prodigy, a recent report indicates. In addition, he acted as a witness for the defense in a notorious criminal case against the famed singer.

The man has recently petitioned the probate court presiding over Jackson’s estate to add his name to the list of estate creditors because of the abuse that he claims to have suffered at the hands of Jackson in the 1990s. His claim comes well after the deadline for creditors to make a claim in the probate of the singer’s estate. Until recently, the man denied that he had been abused by Jackson.

Now, as would be the case in an estate administration matter in Texas, the court must decide if they will permit the creditor’s claim. The preliminary issue will likely be the lateness of the filed claim. In most cases in our state and elsewhere, creditors have a limited time to make a claim against an estate. It is unusual for such matters to be reopened this late after a closing. However, if a person is in a similar situation, they may find it helpful to not only review this current matter, but also to seek information as to the probate rules for Texas estates.

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