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Texas estate planning can include unique clauses

Cash, property and investments are just a few of the items that people in Texas leave behind when they die. Most of these are included by individuals in their estate planning documents. Such documents are intended to allow people to direct how they want their assets to be distributed after their death and to have specific bequests made.

In some cases, one recent report notes, the clauses in estate planning documents can be quite unique. This is because there are tools available that can allow for the needs of each situation to be addressed. This is true, regardless of the size or content of a person’s estate or their celebrity status.

Some of the most unique clauses in estate planning documents have included that of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. He asked that his ashes be sent into space, a request that has been followed multiple times. Jack Benny, the famed comedian, left money in his estate planning documents intended to pay for a single rose to be delivered to his wife every day of her life. This request was also adhered to.

Estate planning can have many goals for people in Texas. In most cases, the documents are intended to tell those left behind how the assets of an estate are to be distributed. To ensure that this is achieved, a careful review of the available options and professional advice may be helpful. Each of these actions can pay off when an estate plan is followed and no litigation is begun after a person dies.

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