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Estate planning in Texas can protect from some actions

There are many situations that make people in Texas consider how they would want their estates to be treated when they die or become incapacitated. A recent case that may be of interest to our readers is just one of those situations. In that case, the potential marriage of a man may ride, at least in part, on his estate planning documents.

The man was injured after a surgery went awry. In fact, he is now, a report notes, in a vegetative state. This means that he is unable to communicate with anyone and is essentially brain dead. He is being cared for by his fianc who is also his guardian.

Now, the fianc wants a court to decide that the couple should be married. They were together for many years prior to the injury. However, if the court were to allow this marriage, it could change the status of the ownership of some of the man’s property. Without proper estate planning documents in place, a marriage could change how the assets of the man are inherited. This could affect his ability to pay for future medical needs.

Estate planning in Texas is important for many reasons. Among those are the need to be sure that a person’s wishes are known in the even that they become incapacitated. There are common tools that can be used to achieve these goals and the effort is paid off when heirs and care takers are able to adequately comply with the desires of the person who created the estate plan.

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