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Texas law includes various types of probate

In Texas, if a person dies without having a documented will, the court steps in to oversee the distribution of his or her assets and administration of estate. This is known as the probate process, and depending upon the circumstances, it can be quite complicated. Texas residents who are mourning the loss of a loved one and are concerned about a complicated probate may want to seek the advice of a competent legal professional in the area.

The attorneys at the law office of Sharon C. Stodghill have more than 25 years’ combined experience guiding clients through the probate system. The amount of court supervision involved depends upon the type of probate being administered. If the probate is a dependent administration, then the administrator must receive the court’s permission before performing any transaction related to the estate.

Though dependent administration includes a very high level of court supervision, it is the recommended probate for families or groups where there are conflicts between beneficiaries or heirs to an estate. Sharon C. Stodghill attorneys are committed to carrying the legal burden for their clients in order to help alleviate the undue stress that sometimes arises in such situations. They are dedicated to helping clients achieve peace of mind and reach a successful conclusion in the probate process.

Knowing that a person does not have to navigate the probate process alone might be of comfort to Texas residents who are mourning the loss of a loved one when the deceased has not left a written will. Consulting with an experienced attorney will bring clarification to a complex situation and help bring about an agreeable conclusion for all those involved. An initial consultation can be arranged by calling or emailing the law office of Sharon C. Stodghill.