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Probate process can be complex in Texas

Experiencing the death of a loved one is naturally an emotionally painful experience for people in Texas. Settling the deceased person’s estate through probate can make the situation even more challenging, especially for people who have never gone through this process before. The probate process can be intimidating, but a qualified attorney may help people to navigate this process more easily.

Probate is often expensive and time-consuming. This is especially the case if the deceased person’s estate has significant assets. However, the probate process can be completed in a cost-efficient and timely manner for a majority of estates.

There are several factors that determine if going through the process of probate is actually necessary. This includes whether or not the deceased person left behind a legitimate will, the estate’s complexity and the nature of the decedent’s assets. The determination of the deceased person’s heirs as well as who owns his or her assets are also important factors. The existence of a living trust is yet another factor to consider.

Sometimes there are certain provisions in a deceased person’s estate plan that enables the surviving family members to avoid going through the process of probate altogether. An attorney can also pinpoint alternative methods for handling the estate when the person’s estate plans lack clarity, such as heirship affidavits or family settlement agreements. If the probate process is necessary, an applied understanding of the law may help the family to complete the probate process without experiencing any complications or unnecessary grief in Texas.