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Dependent administration probate process offers benefits

Being confronted with the death of a beloved family member is naturally difficult. Unfortunately, having to deal with the probate process can sometimes make matters even more challenging for Texas residents. This is because the probate process can be complex and can, thus, seem overwhelming. Fortunately, by understanding the different types of probate, you can choose the type that best fits your family’s needs.

One type, dependent administration, features the involvement of the court at a high level. This means an estate administrator has to receive permission from the court for nearly all transactions. These transactions can involve paying the debts of an estate and selling property, for example.

If significant conflict has arisen between beneficiaries or heirs, dependent administration might be the best probate administration method to choose. Since the court is highly involved in this type of administration, the judge can easily oversee all involved parties’ conduct, thus, helping to protect the administrator. With dependent administration, creditors are also required to follow extremely strict procedures when it comes to making claims. If a particular creditor does not present his or her claim in the window of opportunity or files a claim improperly, the estate is not liable for this debt any longer.

People who have experienced the deaths of loved ones in Texas do not have to navigate the potentially confusing probate process by themselves. An attorney can explain all of their probate administration options, all of which have unique disadvantages and advantages. The attorney can then advise them on which options are best for them and help to efficiently bring the process of probate to a successful conclusion.