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One probate process option is independent administration

Losing a loved one in Texas is one of the most difficult experiences a person may have in life, both from an emotional and a legal standpoint. The legal probate process is complicated and thus can be overwhelming for a person who is the administrator of an estate or the executor of a will. However, an attorney can help you to efficiently navigate the process.

The most common kind of probate administration in the state of Texas is independent administration. This process is often chosen due to the fact that its cost is relatively reasonable because the administrator does not have to go to court as frequently. The fact that court approval is not needed for every single action ends up saving the estate on expenses and fees. The administrator also usually does not have to worry about posting a bond.

Independent administration may be requested in a will. It might also arise by the consent of all of a deceased person’s beneficiaries and heirs. A huge benefit of independent administration is that it is efficient and thus can be completed relatively quickly.

The probate process in Texas requires strict attention to detail and an understanding of the law. Fortunately, you do not have to manage this process all on your own. An attorney can explain to you all of your probate options, with each one requiring a different level of court supervision and each featuring its own unique advantages and challenges. The attorney can then advise you regarding which option may be most appropriate in your case.