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Muniment of title is a probate option in Texas

Having to grapple with the death of a loved one in Texas is one of the most challenging things a person may experience in life. Being forced to deal with possibly complex legal issues following a person’s death only makes the process even harder to cope for loved ones. People who are interested in becoming estate administrators or who are executors of wills can benefit from the help of lawyers while going through the probate process.

There are different types of probate in the state of Texas, and they all differ based on the level of supervision by the court that is involved. One of these types of probate is muniment of title. This probate method is unique to the Lone Star State.

With muniment of title, no administrator or executor is appointed for the purpose of distributing property. Instead, after a court certifies that a will truly is a deceased person’s last will, a court order ends up transferring titles to all of the intended beneficiaries. The court basically functions as an instrument for the transfer of titles to property. This type of probate is a good choice when an estate features only real estate as an asset versus having brokerage accounts or bank accounts.

Navigating the probate process can be overwhelming. However, proper legal guidance can help people to make sound decisions regarding which of the multiple probate options are ultimately best for them. An attorney can help will executors and potential estate administrators to gain peace of mind by bringing the process of probate to an efficient conclusion in Texas.